Let's Begin With Us!

Lesson Overview

Lesson 1: Let's Begin with Us!

Lesson 2: Passing on the "Apostles' Teaching" (First 300 Years)

The early church pursued what the apostles taught.

Lesson 3: Passing on the "Apostles' Teaching" (Next 1500 Years)

Christians struggled with determining and then holding to the apostles’ teaching.

Lesson 4: Barton Stone

A great spiritual leader trying to be only a Christian in a sea of division

Lesson 5: Thomas Campbell

A great thinker who penned a brilliant, foundational document

Lesson 6: Alexander Campbell

The primary champion of our early movement and our debt to him

Lesson 7: Troubling Times for Us

Division arises in the unity movement within a generation.

Lesson 8: Hardening Positions

Our exclusionary doctrinal positions

Lesson 9: What a Twentieth Century

Splintering makes unifying believers an impossible struggle.

Lesson 10: "Our" Interpretation

A closer look at our unique method of interpretation

Lesson 11: Toward a Better Future

Strengths and possible focus for the future of our movement)

Lesson 12: Passing on Our Tradition

How our movement will pass to the next generation